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Small Business

You have a lot to on your to-do list and a limited budget to accomplish it. We have solutions to simplify your growth that you can affordable.

  • More effective than hiring employees

  • Affordable solutions

  • Simplified results

Small Business Challenges

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats. That's why you need simple and affordable solutions that get results. Make sure you are working with someone who understands how to walk the balance between effective and cost-efficient.

Reaching New Customers

With so many marketing methods out there these days, knowing how to reach new customers can be overwhelming. Not knowing where to focus your marketing efforts could end your business. 

Keep Current Customers

It is cheaper to keep customers than gain new customers. To do this, not only must businesses constantly give value to customers but also communicate that value to current customers.

Keep Things Simple

With so much to manage and limited resources to do it with, small businesses should always keep simplicity as a priority. If a process is too complex it won't get done, leaving you at square one.

Focus on Cost-Effective

There are lots of tools available these day, but some give you more bang for your buck than others. With the a small business budget, you need to maximize results while keeping costs low.

All of these elements need to be considered for your marketing and communication.

Why Us

  • Inspired Creativity

    We uplift others by using a creative mindset (not competitiveness) to find effective solutions to every challenge.

  • Compassionate Empowerment

    We openly share our knowledge to help you grow with caring, kind, and supportive thoughts, words, and actions.

  • Miscellaneous 17 final

    Professional Experience

    We have invested money and time working with others like you to gain hands-on experience that creates success.

  • Integrity & Excellence

    We give our best effort every time and go beyond the accepted standards when possible to achieve the best result.

Monthly Support Pricing

Our monthly plans allow the flexibility you need for your organization.



per month

All Basic services

4 service hours per month

25% discount for additional hours

Bi-weekly marketing update calls



per month

All Basic + some Premium services 

8 service hours per month

40% discount for additional hours

Weekly marketing update calls



per month

All Basic & Premium services

20 service hours per month

50% discount for additional hours

Weekly marketing update calls

Individual Services

Looking for a list of specific services we offer?Check out our services page.