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Unique Challenges

Marketing for a nonprofit or association is different than other businesses. 

Members vs. Customers

The mindset of a member is different than that of a standard customer. Membership implies more commitment than a single purchase and requires a different marketing messaging.

Retain Current Members

It is cheaper to retain members than gain new members. To do this, not only must organizations constantly give value to members but also communicate and remind members of the value.

Internal Stakeholders

Nonprofit organizations have more complex internal teams and leadership than small-mid size businesses. It is critical that these stakeholders "buy in" and support your marketing efforts.

Business Partners

To achieve the organization's mission, partnering with other businesses and organizations is often required. This adds another layer of marketing and communication that other types of businesses may not have.

All of these require different marketing and communication. Make sure you are working with someone who understands your challenges.

Why Us

  • Inspired Creativity

    We uplift others by using a creative mindset (not competitiveness) to find effective solutions to every challenge.

  • Compassionate Empowerment

    We openly share our knowledge to help you grow with caring, kind, and supportive thoughts, words, and actions.

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    Professional Experience

    We have invested money and time working with others like you to gain hands-on experience that creates success.

  • Integrity & Excellence

    We give our best effort every time and go beyond the accepted standards when possible to achieve the best result.

Monthly Support Pricing

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All Basic & Premium services

20 service hours per month

50% discount for additional hours

Weekly marketing update calls

Individual Services

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Not ready?

We know that not every organization is ready for the level of service we provide.
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Startup Plan


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